St. Louise de Marillac Reopening Plan

Please frequently visit our website to read up-to-date information on our reopening.

Your St. Louise de Marillac Parish

St. Louise de Marillac Parish’s petitioned reopening plans have been sent and approved by the Archbishop’s Office. Our church’s Masses and sacraments will continue once again but under the guidelines of the new rules and regulations regarding the health and safety of you and our staff and volunteers.

Please review the respective plans and how we’re taking appropriate measures.

Your health and safety is important. If you are ill, symptomatic, or fall into the “most vulnerable” category, please refrain from attending mass, confessions, or the Holy Sacrament events. The dispensation from attending mass is still in order, so we ask that you watch our Mass livestreams on our website or our Facebook page. Please remember to wear your mask at all times and to wash your hands for more than 20 seconds before arriving. Thank you!

Mass Procedures & Reservations

Onsite Masses will be added weekly using a phased-in approach. Click to read more about our new procedures.

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Confession Procedures & Reservations

Onsite Confessions will be held on Wednesday from 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
and Saturday from 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm. Click to read more about our new procedures.

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Guidelines for Churches to reopen have been issued and Archbishop Gomez has worked closely with the Los Angeles County Supervisors, the City of Los Angeles and the Public Health Department to determine how we will be able to safely reopen Catholic churches.

You can review the documents below.

A Message from Fr. Robert

Hello, this is Father Robert Fulton.

“The seed that falls on good ground will yield a fruitful harvest.”

This week’s responsorial psalm took on special meaning for me this past week as I had the opportunity to represent you recently and present two grants to Catholic Charities and the East San Gabriel Valley Homeless Coalition. 

And next week, I hope to do the same at Shepherd’s Pantry in Glendora.  This organization helps families remain in their homes by providing food and clothing so families can use their limited financial resources for rent and utilities.

I have no doubt that much fruit will be harvested from the generosity that the Saint Louise de Marillac community is providing to these outreach programs.

 I am truly grateful for your ongoing support of our mission that allows us to share our blessings with others.

The St. Louise drive-in movie theatre opens tonight. The first movie that will be featured is the Disney Pixar film “Onward”.   Remember that parking is limited to ensure social distancing. 

If you can’t join us tonight, please check the parish website and bulletin for more information about upcoming movies.

Parents don’t forget to sign your kids up for our free virtual Bible Camp!  Details are also in this week’s bulletin and on the website.

Despite the recent increase of reported COVID cases, I am pleased that we are able to continue Sunday Mass in the church for those who wish to attend.   Make your reservation online today or call or visit the parish office if you do not have internet service.  Staff can help with Mass reservations.

Once the church reaches capacity, most Masses can be viewed from two other locations – in Msgr. Pierce Hall or in the comfort of your own vehicle.  The Sunday 5:00 pm Mass is only in the church – there will be no hall or vehicle service available.

If you are more comfortable participating from home, please watch our livestream instead;  knowing that dispensation continues due to the pandemic.

I hope you find these weekly updates helpful.  This is our way of trying to stay in touch with our community.  Please let us know how else we might continue to serve you, my beloved parishioners, during these trying times.

Be kind to each other – and I hope to see you soon!