Going, Going, Gone!

Young people are leaving the Catholic faith in greater numbers than ever. In 2018, Saint Mary’s Press published their research in why these young people are leaving the faith and titled the work Going, Going, Gone: The Disaffiliation in Young Catholics. The results of an unprecedented two-year national study offers compelling and sometimes disturbing insight into the reasons why young people are leaving the Catholic Church and religion in general.

“The reasons most adults think young people leave the church are not the reasons young people leave the church,” said John Vitek, Saint Mary’s Press president and CEO. “There are so many assumptions made by adults that are simply not accurate. When you hear a young person tell their story in their own words, it’s really instructive and clarifying. Clarity, accurateness, and truth open the doors to authentic insight and

Come on Sunday, July 28th at 1:30 pm to learn more about why the religious landscape in the United States is changing, and what we can do as a parish community to bring our young Catholics back to the faith!
The presentation will be given by our Confirmation and Youth Ministry Coordinator, Andy Reyes, in the St. Louise de Marillac Conference Room.