Living Our Faith

We at St. Louise continue to prepare for the Vestibule project. Currently, our plans have been approved by the City of Covina and the Fire Sprinkler system issues have been resolved. Our new Regional Bishop David O'Connell must approve our plans for construction and those plans will then be reviewed by the Archdiocese's Finance and Construction departments to make certain we are well funded to begin the first phase. With all of this complete, we are projected to begin in late January.

We have high hopes that with your contributions and prayers, we will break ground and start the construction of our church in late January. Our first phase of this project will be putting in new glass doors in the Vestibule, moving the men's restroom to the opposite side of the Vestibule, and extending the women's restroom. We cannot wait to renew and refurbish our Vestibule!



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Thank You and God Bless You!