Online Mass Intention

Online Mass Intention Process is Under Construction. Please call the Parish Office (626) 915 -7873 for further assistance.

Request a Mass Intention at St. Louise de Marillac

A Mass Intention can be offered for a living person’s health, well-being, or needs, or the Mass can be offered for the eternal rest of a deceased person. The name(s) are mentioned in Mass during the Prayers of the Faithful and printed in our Sunday Bulletin.

Please note the following for online Mass Intention Requests:

  • Most dates are available on a weekly basis, except when a Mass is reserved for “St. Louise Parish Families” or major holidays, i.e. Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc..
  • Mass intentions must be requested ten (10) days in advance.
  • Multiple names are read at the Mass on behalf of our parish families each day.  Therefore, requests are limited to two people per Mass.  Please also provide a phonetic spelling of the name(s) to avoid a mispronunciation by the lector.
  • Once requested, the Mass intention will be delivered to the Parish Office.  You will receive a response email stating whether it is approved, or a reason indicating why it was not.
  • The suggested minimum donation per Mass Intention (per person) is $10.00.  
  • When you request a Mass, you will be given the link our online giving platform, Faith Direct, to donate. For more information on Faith Direct, please go to
  • If you would rather donate via credit card over the phone or in person, please contact the Parish Office at (626) 915-7873.

For further assistance, please call the Parish Office at 626-915-7873.

Background on Mass Intentions

Whenever a priest celebrates Mass, he has at least two specific intentions.  The first intention is to celebrate the Mass according to the rubrics that the Church was provided for how to say the Mass.  The second is to apply the grace of that Mass toward a specific need or intention. As to the first intention, a priest may find it helpful to pray a traditional prayer while he is vesting, stating his intention to pray the Mass well.  As to the second intention, commonly called “the intention of the Mass”, that intention is often announced in the parish bulletin at least one week before, and then it is sometimes also announced at Mass.

These special intentions are offered to God as prayers of intercession and thanksgiving.  In and through the Holy Eucharist, we pray for the deceased, for those who are ill, for those who face various difficulties or challenges.  Often, people request a Mass in thanksgiving for God’s grace helping them through a particularly challenging time of life.  It is important to note that, while the graces of the Mass are infinite, many intentions can be offered up at a single Mass.  While a priest may only accept one intention at a single Mass, he may have many other intentions not attached to an offering.  In addition, the faithful may bring their own intentions to the Mass, which they each carry privately and place upon the altar spiritually in prayer.