Updated Mass Procedures

We will continue to work hard to keep you informed about any additional changes that directly impact St. Louise de Marillac. We ask that you continue to keep those suffering from this virus, as well as those working as essential workers to keep everyone safe. We at St. Louise are also working to the best of our abilities to guide our community and keep it safe. Please be sure to frequently visit our website, follow us on our social media pages, and text “sldm” to 84576 in order to receive updates as they happen.

Weekend & Daily Masses Overview

We have reassessed our current plan and will provide an outdoor alternative, in which our St. Louise de Marillac Community will still be able to participate in mass and receive the Precious Body inside of their cars. As such, participants can tune into a mass by tuning into our FM radio station or by watching on a cellular device, tablet, or laptop. Onsite Masses from your vehicle will be conducted according to this schedule:

Monday – Friday: 8:30 am Outdoor Mass
Saturday: 8:30 am Morning Mass, 4:30 pm Evening Mass.
Sunday*: 6:30 am, 8:00 am, 9:30 am, 11:00
*There will be no 12:30 pm and 5:00 pm Sunday Masses until further notice.

Masses will continue to be live-streamed and can be found on our website, Youtube channel, or Facebook page.

For everyone’s safety:
-Please don’t come to Mass if you are not feeling well.
-Masks must be worn at all times when exiting a vehicle.
-Please practice social distancing.
-Follow all directions provided by staff and volunteers.

When arriving to mass, please note that the driveway between the Church and the Parish Office is closed. Please enter on Covina Blvd at the east end of the property and exit onto Bonnie Cove Blvd.

Please fill up parking spaces closest to the Church and park facing the Church and pull in behind another car. Please park behind an existing park car. Do not park in a new row unless the previous row is full. There will be cones to separate between each car.

Alternatively, you can also listen to Mass outside of your car by bringing your own chairs and sitting under the canopies next to the Church. We will be broadcasting the service through the speakers. Please wear your mask and practice social distancing between other parishioners. When the Eucharistic Ministers offer you communion, please do not remove your mask. Once they leave you can consume the Precious Body.

Mass From Your Vehicle Procedures

Upon arriving to mass, you will be handed a flyer containing procedures and contact information for our vehicular masses. We respectfully request that, should we become aware of a person tested positive during our masses, we would use the provided contact information to contact you. Please be sure to fill out the flyer and return to a staff or volunteer member after mass.

Please remain in your vehicle for the duration of the Mass. However, if you do exit your vehicle, please observe the guidelines in place to protect all visitors. Restrooms are available in the Msgr. Pierce Hall.

Ways to Tune into Mass


Use the FM radio in your car or portable radio to tune into the radio station 99.3 FM. This will only work if you are on the parish campus.

From Your Device

  1. Using your cellular device, tablet, or laptop, find your device’s WiFi settings and select “SLDM – Mass“. No password is required.
  2. Watch the livestream on our website at: stlouisedm.org/watch/ or on Facebook by searching for our username: @stlouisedmparish

Communion from Your Vehicle

Please remain in your car and wait for the arrival of the Eucharistic Ministers. Please have your mask on before their arrival. Once they have arrived, please roll down your window, extend your hands outside of the lowered window, and carefully receive communion. Remove your mask, consume the Precious Body, place your mask back on, and roll your window up.

Communion may be received in the hand only. Communion may not be received on the tongue. Consecrated cup will not be offered. Follow the guidance of the Eucharistic Ministers.

Dismissal will be through the eastern exit on Bonnie Cove. Please follow instructions for dismissal when they are announced. Private prayer or devotions will not be possible after Mass.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation during this time.

Offertory from Your Vehicle

Approximately halfway through Mass, an attendant will provide an opportunity for you to support the mission and work of our parish community.  Please feel free to place your gift in the basket as it comes around.  You may also sign up to donate electronically at www.stlouisedm.org/give/ . If you prefer, you may call Faith Direct at 1(866) 507-8757 and they will assist you in getting set up by using our St Louise de Marillac Church code CA1067.

Additional Information

The driveway between the Church and the Parish Office is closed. Please enter on Covina Blvd at the east end of the property and exit onto Bonnie Cove Blvd.

Communion may be received in the hand only. Communion may not be received on the tongue.

Thank you for your cooperation and willingness to follow these guidelines. Let’s all pray for the safety of each other and that those who are working so hard to keep us safe will in turn be safe themselves. We pray in a special way for those who are afflicted with the virus.  May Our Heavenly Lord watch over and care for each of them!