I have some Questions…

Why don’t we use the money received through the collection?

Offertory monies are provided for ministries and for the general maintenance of the parish. Taking from our current offertory would compromise our ongoing ministry efforts. The projected costs for restoring our church is beyond the capacity of monies received through the offertory.


Is my donation tax deductible?

All donations to the Living Our Faith campaign are tax deductible.


What happens if we don’t reach our goal?

The needs identified by this project will not go away – we need to move forward until we reach our goal. All money donated to the campaign is designated for the restricted use of this project – it is not used for any other purpose. 100% of the money will stay here for the benefit of St. Louise de Marillac parish.


What if I can’t give $5,000?

We ask each household to prayerfully consider a gift that best represents how God is calling them. This parish belongs to all of us – if we are to succeed we will need gifts that are sacrificial in nature. Everyone should participate at the level that best meets the financial needs of their family. Every gift is important and no gift is too small.


Can I make monthly payments?

Yes! Gifts to the campaign can be made as a one-time gift or as a pledge over 3-5 years. Payments can be scheduled monthly, quarterly, or annually. Statements will be mailed to you as a reminder of your pledge commitment.


If I make a pledge to the campaign, can I decrease my weekly offertory gift?

Taking from our current offertory would endanger our ongoing ministry efforts. Gifts to the campaign are an investment in our parish’s future – a gift above and beyond your offertory commitment.