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Moving Forward in Faith is an opportunity for our parish to reinvest in ourselves and ensure that St. Louise is a fitting campus for the St. Louise community to worship, to minister and to evangelize.

Fr. Robert Fulton, Pastor

The Moving Forward in Faith has great news! We have raised over $1,860,000 in pledges to date. We want to thank members of our parish who have made pledges to this campaign and are already faithfully making payments!

A home for worship, education and fellowship for the past 56 years, integral components of the campus need to be updated and maintained. These projects address the safety, security and worship space needs of our church, so that St. Louise can continue to serve, called together as a family to worship, to minister and to evangelize.

With your generous support, we have updated the worship space with new church flooring, a lower choral area, altar furnishings, and pew renovation. 

How Your Support Helps the Future

  • Closure of a Dangerous Parking Entrance – Reconfiguration of the parking lot entrance, by broadening the Bonnie Cove Ave entrance.
  • A Repaved, Redesigned Parking Lot – In constant use by parishioners, the school and ministries, the parking lot is overdue for a complete redesign and repaving.
  • Campus Enclosure – An encompassing set of gates and fences strategically designed to provide a safe environment for our church and school youth.         
  • Worship Space Renovation – Brighten the church interior with new lighting and natural light sources. Improve the sound and acoustics with a new audio system.   
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