Advisory Councils

“All must be done with gentleness of heart and humility, as we consider the interests of those with whom we are working rather than our own.”

St. Louise Parish and St. Louise Parish School are served by three advisory Councils, one Board of Trustees and one oversight Committee – the Pastoral Council, the Finance Council, the School Finance Council, Education Endowment Board of Trustees and the “Safeguard the Children” Committee.  If interested in serving on any of these advisory councils or Board, please contact the Pastor or one of the members of the council on which you would like to serve.



Pastoral Council:

The Pastoral Council was established to serve as an advisory group to the Pastor on issues related to pastoral care and parish administration. It is a body of committed parish members with varied perspectives, skills, and talents. Acting as stewards of the Parish, the Council’s ministry is to envision, plan, and implement policies and activities that assist the Pastor in promoting the Gospel and encouraging full participation in the life of the parish. Members of the Pastoral Council are appointed by the Pastor and serve at his discretion.



Parish Finance Council:

The Parish Finance Council was established to serve as an advisory group to the Pastor on parish financial matters. The Council is a group of committed volunteers who assist and advise the Pastor in performing evaluations of current and future financial matters of the parish and parish organizational activities. They assist the parish and the Pastor in establishing reasonable guidelines and protections, both financially and operationally, in order to comply with the principles established by the Los Angeles Archdiocese. Finance Council Members are appointed by the Pastor to serve a three-year term, which can be served consecutively at the discretion of the Pastor. Members of the Finance Council are appointed by the Pastor and serve at his discretion.



School Finance Council:

The School Finance Council was established as an advisory group to the school Principal and Pastor on issues related to the school's financial condition. The goal of the Council is to strengthen the financial stability of the school to ensure a strong educational environment for its students. The Council reinforces the partnership which exists between the parents, school administration, and parish community. Council members are appointed by the Principal and serve at his discretion.



Education Endowment Board of Trustees:

Endowment Trustees were appointed to oversee the financial management of the Education Endowment Fund, which was established to support and uphold the work of St. Louise de Marillac School and religious education programs.


Trustees are appointed by the Pastor and serve a three-year term with the possibility of renewal – appointment and terms of service are at the discretion of the Pastor.




Safeguard the Children Committee:

“Safeguard the Children” Committees were established to create a safe environment for children and youth in all Catholic parish communities in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Our parish “Safeguard” committee consists of members who meet regularly to discuss and review Parish enforcement of Archdiocesan policies.


We are committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all children and youth who attend any programs or activities offered at or by St. Louise de Marillac Parish and St. Louise de Marillac School. All adults interacting with children/youth must be fingerprinted and attend a three hour Virtus training session. See Livescan Fingerprinting and Virtus training.


The Priests*, deacons, school faculty and administrators and other staff members in our parish and school, fully support reporting any abuse of children immediately. We have been designated as mandated reporters under California law. If there is reasonable suspicion of abuse we must report it, and will immediately do so. If we receive information leading to a “reasonable suspicion” that a child is being abused or neglected, we will make contact Child Protective Services and/or the appropriate Law Enforcement Agency.


If you are being abused, have been abused, or know someone who is being abused, the following resources are available:


If the alleged abuser is employed by the Archdiocese, please call the Archdiocesan Hotline number for the abuse of minors, 800-355-2545.  For more information, view the Working Together brochure or call the Parish Center at 626-915-7873.


*The Sacrament of Reconciliation is a sealed conversation - nothing can be revealed about anything that is said in that context. If there is an instance of abuse of a minor, it must be discussed with a priest outside of the Sacrament.