Increase Your Awareness: Ensuring Parishioners’ Safety and Security

Increase Your Awareness


Ensuring parishioners’ safety and security while attending Mass is a high priority. Given recent national shooting incidents—including at places of worship—the St. Louise Pastoral Council has developed a free, informational workshop designed to enhance your awareness of safety and security procedures.

The workshop is designed to educate parishioners, school families, and the visiting public about security measures when visiting the Church, specifically related to “Active Shooter” training and evacuation procedures. The workshop will consist of viewing a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) training video on active shooter scenarios and answering parishioners’ questions—including, what to do, how to respond, and where to go.

The workshop will take place after each Mass on two Sundays in September. September 9th and on September 23rd, 2018. This workshop is free and will be very informative. More information will be provided in future bulletins.