Welcome Fr. Emmanuel Francis, MSFS!

Welcome Fr. Emmanuel Francis, MSFS, our new Associate Pastor at St. Louise de Marillac Parish! Fr. Emmanuel comes from India and is part of the Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales. He was ordained on January 30, 1996. Please keep him in your prayers as he begins his new journey at St. Louise!

A Message from Fr. Emmanuel Francis

Hello, this is Father Emmanuel Francis.  I am excited to be the new Associate Pastor for St. Louise de Marillac.

I am from India, belonging to the congregation of the Missionaries of St. Francis De Sales.I was born on March 06th 1967.  I was ordained a priest on January 30th, 1996. In India, I worked as a pastor in four parishes and as a school principal. I also worked as a pastor for four years in the Caribbean Islands Last year was stationed at St. Michael’s Church in Los Angeles. I love my priesthood very much. I am so grateful to my parents for their dedication to the church by sending all three sons to the priesthood and a daughter to be a religious nun.

The first reading from the Old Testament and the Gospel reading for this Sunday are both about the need for us to forgive others when they may have done us wrong.

Jesus actually gave us a good reason why we should forgive when He first taught us what we know as THE LORD’S PRAYER. Those few words—“Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us”—really sum it up for us.

In fact, these few words could be some of the most incriminating words we ever pray if we don’t observe them. In these few words, we are asking God to forgive us in proportion to the way or manner we are willing to forgive others who may do us wrong.

Another way is to say that we are telling God not to forgive us if we are not willing to forgive others who may have done something against us.

At times it can be hard to forgive someone who has harmed us, especially when it seems to be deliberate, and perhaps could have been avoided.

Sometimes people will say they forgive a person for what they have done, but they will never forget. But if some past harm done to you continues to make you unhappy, that is important—and something should be done so it doesn’t continue to happen.

Jesus gave a simple solution: He told us we have to be willing to forgive others if we want to be forgiven for any wrong we may have done in our lives.

Today is Patriot’s Day and we commemorate those who lost their lives in the terrible tragedy of 9/11.  May God bless their souls and comfort their loved ones.

Baptisms, funerals, and weddings can now be scheduled for outside services.  Please call the parish office for more information.

We continue our weekday 8:00 am and Sunday Mass schedule.  Please join us here at the parish or participate on your computer at home.

We are blessed to have such a beautiful and supportive community.  Your almsgiving allows us to continue the important ministry of this parish.  Thank you for your generosity.

May God bless you all.