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• 12 hours per family – on the floor or in the kitchen,

• or $480 buyout

Paper Truck

Proceeds from your paper recyclables funds not only supplies school activities and supplies but also scholarships for our 8th graders moving on to parochial high schools and the Faith In Action scholarships awarded to incoming 6th, 7th and 8th graders.

Box Tops for Education

Save your box tops and send in to the school office.  Our school receives $.10 for each label turned in.

Ink Jet Recycling

Send in your old ink jet cartridges and we’ll recycle them and receive cash for our school projects!

St. Louise Booster Club – After-school athletic program

Charleston Wrap – Each athlete is required to participate in this annual Booster fundraiser.  Boosters supports the after school athletic program by paying for CYO dues, insurance, ref fees, tournament entry fees and equipment.  They also sponsor scholarships to 8th graders who continue their education at parochial high schools.


Did you know that you can reduce your tuition when you buy groceries or gas and many other items you purchase regularly?  Go online to and order your scrip for everyday purchases and gifts. Ordering scrip does require a PrestoPay account.  You can find complete information to help you set up an account on the ShopWithScrip website so you can begin to order scrip and start earning credit right away!

The ScripNow! Feature allows you to purchase and print out a certificate immediately for many popular stores and restaurants.

You no longer are required to meet the $100 profit minimum, credit for all your scrip purchases begins to accumulate immediately.  Scrip credits are issued in August, December and April and applied directly to your SMART account (a 20% handling fee is deducted from the credits).

If you have questions regarding the scrip program or tuition credits, please contact Denise Wold at

Family Service Hours

Every Family is required:
• 40 Service Hours (or pay $1000.00 in lieu of hours worked) and
• give 12 hours to the bingo program (or pay $480.00 in lieu of hours worked).