Sacraments of Service

The sacraments of service – Matrimony (or “Marriage”) and Holy Orders – are both calls from Our Lord to share our lives with others in special ways.  


The commitment made by a couple, through the Sacrament of Matrimony, is a sign of God’s love and faithfulness. The Christian community shares their joy as they prepare to enter a new life together in the holy Sacrament of Marriage.  A sacramental Marriage celebrated in the Catholic Church acknowledges the importance of God in the lives of both husband and wife.


Members of our Wedding Ministry [Angel Couples] meet with couples before their wedding to help in the planning of the ceremony. They preside over the rehearsals and walk the couples through the ceremony. They attend the weddings and help the clergy and the couples to ensure a memorable experience. Arrangements must be made six months in advance. Give us a call at the Parish Center at 626-915-7873 when you have decided that it is time to begin planning for this sacrament. 


If you are married outside the Catholic Church and wish to have your marriage recognized by the church please contact the Parish Center at 626-915-7873, for assistance with arranging to have your marriage blessed, and with any annulment procedures which may be needed.



Holy Orders:
The Sacrament of Holy Orders is the sacrament through which baptized men are called to serve in the name and in the person of Christ, the Head, in the midst of the community.  It is a sacrament of service through ordination to the priesthood and is celebrated only after considerable preparation.  Similarly, discerning a call to the Religious life is also a response to God’s call to serve his family in a special way.


If you or someone you know is considering the life choice of becoming a Priest, a Sister, or a Brother, please call the Parish Center at 626-915-7873 and ask to speak to one of the parish priests.