Altar Serving Mass

St. Louise will have eleven new altar servers commissioned at the 11:00 am Mass on Sunday, June 23rd. The youth participated in two days of intense training with Fr. Joseph McShane. The training for the new altar servers covered guidelines for altar serving, the vocabulary of items used for the Mass, with the main part of the training being used for the practice sessions of actually serving a Mass from the procession into the church to all the other responsibilities of the altar servers during the Holy Mass. During the commissioning ceremony, the new servers will affirm their intentions of service at the Altar of God with reverence, dignity, and faithfulness while striving to imitate the love of Jesus every day. The role of altar servers is of great importance in assisting not only the priest during the Holy Mass but the greater parish community, always done for the great glory of God. We welcome: Reese Adams Eliana Burciaga Carissa Garcia Raiko Akerboom Abel Hagos Sarah Hagos Alessandra Lasmarias Kathryn Mannings Chloe Perez Sydney Reynoso Christopher Zampiello